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storage softwareOver 1,000 records centers in more than 80 countries can’t be wrong

Want more immediate access to your records? FileVault puts you in the driver’s seat with O’Neil Software designed to make our Record Center a true extension of your operation. We’ve harnessed the power of the Internet and Microsoft’s latest .NET technology to provide you fast, flexible and real-time access to all your business information, when you need it, a mouse click away.

A modern, stable and robust solution that can address your current needs, now you have access to your record center’s RS-SQL database. You can perform many tasks at your convenience, eliminating unnecessary emails, faxes and telephone calls. No longer does your Customer Service Representative have to re-key an order or look up information. The power is in your hands through a standard Web browser, anytime, day or night, from anywhere in the world.

Our new client portal is a flexible, user friendly and powerful tool for managing your records. With customizable data entry screens, instant reporting and powerful queries at your fingertips, you have greater access and control of your records than ever before.

This extended access to information enhances communications. Instead of waiting for answers, you can quickly and easily query the database, order supplies, add new inventory, edit inventory information, generate reports, request services and even monitor the status of orders. All this takes place directly from your desk, saving time and eliminating errors.

Ease-of-use is at the core of O’Neil’s design philosophy. Simple and user friendly screens walk you through every step of the way, providing the incentive to order on-line more often and with complete confidence. And because of the flexible Microsoft®.NET architecture, you can customize language, access queries, add/edit dialogues and reports that meet your exact needs.


FileVault offers physical record storage, where your important documents are kept in a safe and secure location. With our Premium Archiving, our services are custom-tailored to suit your needs.

FileVault also offers secure storage for your digital records. Data Protection allows you to securely store all of your electronic files, whether it be hard drives, flash memory, or tapes. Our climate-controlled facilities will ensure that your information remains safe from the elements.

About FileVault

Over the years and through dozens of discussions about off-site records storage, our management team consistently heard a common set of frustrations from the administrators, records managers and controllers we met with. We came to one important conclusion. These problems were not only valid, they were completely avoidable.


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We are very different from other alternatives you might consider to address your firm's records management concerns.


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