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What sort of service would cause you to send an email thanking your records management team for what they do for you?

We get emails like this weekly (you can see some excerpts here ((Link to Testominal page))); we call this level of service ‘The VaultPlus Advantage.’

The VaultPlus Advantage goes far beyond high-performing team members (although they certainly contribute):

  • First, we consider ourselves a partner – not a vendor – in records management. We are conscientious stewards of client information assets, and we act that way.
  • Mostly, though, there are a suite of policies, procedures, and deliverables that give our clients this VaultPlus Advantage: No one else delivers these.

Aspects of the VaultPlus Advantage include:


When you entrust our team with the management of your records – storage, scanning, destruction, or simply informing you of status – you are assigned a member of our Client Happiness Team (really – who else even HAS a team like this? Ours is led by this guy) – who will be the first and only call you need to make when you have a concern. Just to be clear, though, anyone who picks up the phone at FileVault – and it’s always a human being, never a machine (24/7/365) - can help you without handing the call off to someone else.

3C service

Clarity in Consistent Communication – Among many other communication facilitators, Filevault provides clients with a periodic Scheduled Destruction Report which alerts clients to records in our care which the client designated to be destroyed at some point in the future – of course, we don’t do anything until we have signed instructions to do so – but we view it to be consistent with our role as steward and partner in your records program to be watching over your records so that you can concentrate on adding value to your own constituents.

The VaultPlus RIMGrader

A best-in-class tool to help clients focus on what they need to.


We conduct scheduled Strategic Account Reviews with everyone who trusts us to mange their records – These highly-focused meetings help everyone to stay on top of the client’s information assets, minimizing risk and surprises, and affording a long-term, playful approach to the organization’s records program.

About FileVault

Over the years and through dozens of discussions about off-site records storage, our management team consistently heard a common set of frustrations from the administrators, records managers and controllers we met with. We came to one important conclusion. These problems were not only valid, they were completely avoidable.


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We are very different from other alternatives you might consider to address your firm's records management concerns.


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