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Premium ArchivingIf your records management process – or regulatory compliance specialists – require a custom-built vault, look no further: Since 2006, we’ve built and managed dedicated vaults for more than 20 million individual records units, including applications for:

  • human tissue samples
  • magnetic media (backup tapes)
  • microfiche

Media Vault Exterior ImageFeatures of purpose-built vaults may include:

  • strict building code compliance
  • gaseous fire suppression
  • 24/7/365 web-based monitoring of ambient environmental conditions
  • controlled access
  • video monitoring
  • dashboard reporting

We know that you are concerned about your corporate information security, accessibility, workflow, and compliance. You may also have space concerns. Our archiving program is set up to relive these concerns efficiently and effectively, irrespective of the quantity of files or the type of media, whether paper, fiche, magnetic – or tissue samples.

Filevault is an Off Site Storage & Data Backup facility. We store records for Medical, Law, Banking & Financial, Real Estate, Insurance Agencies and much more.


FileVault offers physical record storage, where your important documents are kept in a safe and secure location. With our Premium Archiving, our services are custom-tailored to suit your needs.

FileVault also offers secure storage for your digital records. Data Protection allows you to securely store all of your electronic files, whether it be hard drives, flash memory, or tapes. Our climate-controlled facilities will ensure that your information remains safe from the elements.

About FileVault

Over the years and through dozens of discussions about off-site records storage, our management team consistently heard a common set of frustrations from the administrators, records managers and controllers we met with. We came to one important conclusion. These problems were not only valid, they were completely avoidable.


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We are very different from other alternatives you might consider to address your firm's records management concerns.


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