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 As of a few weeks ago, we’ve been in business for 12 years. That is to say, customers have trusted us to manage their corporate information for twelve (12) years.

Today, most do so because we’ve established ourselves to be ‘trustworthy’.

But why did they do it in the early days?

I believe that it’s because of the people that they interact with on our team.

Granted: as we were starting up, we didn’t exactly have a team of ‘A players’. But, over the years, we attracted the A-players, and I believe that their enthusiasm and aptitude for what they do has made us an outstanding firm for the provision of corporate services.

I emphasize that we ‘attracted’ them. I’d love to say that it was my swarthy good looks that attracted them – but (since most are happily-married men) I can safely say that wasn’t it: Rather, I believe it was:

  • My enthusiasm for what we do
  • My concern for making an optimal fit between their strengths and our team’s needs
  • My demonstration – after the hiring – that I meant what I said.
  • FileVault’s ability to offer bona fide responsibility to our team, and the team’s sense that they make a difference to our clients

As a result, our team – almost, to a person – ‘found’ us – that is, we didn’t go through agencies or ads to find them: Rather, they moved to the area or became available in the area, wanted to do what they loved, and drew our attention to them, requesting a position on our team.

And we gladly hired them. And they’ve all – Ron, James, Dave, Jeff, Dave’s 2 sons Alex and Phil – been stars for us.

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Over the years and through dozens of discussions about off-site records storage, our management team consistently heard a common set of frustrations from the administrators, records managers and controllers we met with. We came to one important conclusion. These problems were not only valid, they were completely avoidable.


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Building A Better Team
As of a few weeks ago, we’ve been in business for 12 years.
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